M A R U S H I K A は先端が丸く、持ち手が四角い形状のタッチペンです。タブレット端末を立てた時の画面での使用を想定し、軸の形状を比較しながら形が生まれました。全国の小中学生に、タブレット配布するGIGAスクール構想からタッチペンの需要が本格的に高まることが予想され、制作しました。

M A R U S H I K A is a stylus with a rounded tip and a square handle. The shape of the pen was created by comparing the shape of the shaft with the shape of a tablet device when the device is held upright on the screen. The GIGA School concept of distributing tablets to elementary and junior high school students throughout Japan is expected to lead to a full-fledged increase in demand for touchpens, and this is why we created this product.